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Use Case App Features

Fri 03, Aug 2018 03:34:02 is the best tool to write user story. Our spotlight feature will take your imagination to the next level.

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A Practice to Capturing Requirements

Wed 01, Aug 2018 01:52:02

Writing use case is simply described as what you have in mind to capture as the requirements. The value of the use case is more focused and powerful for the business and user needs. It also captures the series and order of activity to trace the product.

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Use Case Story, Can Now Reorder To Re;Imaginate

Tue 31, Jul 2018 10:50:05

The use case app newly developed the feature of use case story reorders. It will help the user to reorder use case app story.

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Another, Use Case Story

Tue 24, Jul 2018 08:14:00

A use case is planning to achieve a specific goal to the user, system, or combined.
The use case used by Business Analyst, Project Manager or Project Lead, Team Lead and as well as The Employee. Each person will see the use case in different aspects

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A common use of online product use case

Tue 24, Jul 2018 02:05:00

When you interested to develop the online product. First, you must prepare the product requirement before you engage with development. When you start gathering information about your online product requirement you might need some common use cases like user registration, sign in, and etc.

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Way to engage with App Users

Tue 24, Jul 2018 10:25:00

Another use case about Keeping App Users. Nowadays, very expensive to acquire users than keep the users. If you increase a customer retention will increase the app users. So, retention is the most important things to keep your app users.

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Use Case App Sharing

Mon 23, Jul 2018 10:05:00

The use case app will allow you to share your use case with your team members. In order to do that, you must add board members, and need to share with your team members with board setting of 'members' mode to protect the use case to open within your board members only.

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Use Case App

Mon 23, Jul 2018 12:30:00

Use case app created to write a project use case or define the project requirements. Every product should start to write a use case and it needs one. The use case app will help you to write a use case.

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