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Create a board & write a story

It will recall your school days. Board has everything to capture your memories. Just like a Story!. Every story has a role to play. Offcourse, each role has a responsibility to do the task. is the tool for you, to run your play.

Story Sequence

Stories, can be many and play by sequence. Because a sequence is the most important point to play your story! The story is written in a different order but it has to play by sequence and priority. is the tool for you, to set the sequence.

Editing Story

Editing is the technical part of composing the story. It should have the editing tool option such as cut & paste, add & delete. These do not come as easy but is the tool for you, to edit easy.

Upload Storyboard

The typical story needs some storyboard. The storyboard can preview the stories. Storyboard is the best way to picture your story. The storyboard can be a portrait or a sample image. is the tool for you, to upload storyboard.

Sharing Story to Carry

A storyteller needs to carry their story everywhere and every day. Not only that, the story has to be shared very specifically and secured when it needs. is the tool for you, to share the story.

Board Members

Sharing means you need a second person, we call it "Members". Your story needs to reach the members, then you need to make crew members with their details. This will enable the way to interact with the crew members. is the tool for you, to create crew members.

Review, Comments from the Members

Every story has a review and comments. For the record, it has to be stored and displayed, followed. More to say, it will help your story to rectified. is the tool for you, to get review and comments.

Stage Play

While writing the story, the stage can be varied. Then your stage expandable within the screen. Elements should be adaptive and reformed. is the tool for you, to play with stage variety.

Affordable Use Case Story Creator

The very important! It a cost to get a stage to play the story.
Don't worry, Be cool! Now, we are in the free stage!. Then, we ensure you can have an affordable stage to play. is the tool for you, to get a great deal.

One more thing, we forgot to tell you!
It is trying, start from signup! because it's the entrance to join our world!

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