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A Practice to Capturing Requirements

2018-08-01 01:52:02


Writing use case is simply described as what you have in mind to capture as the requirements. The value of the use case is more focused and powerful for the business and user needs. It also captures the series and order of activity to trace the product. The idea of use case come by asking the question yourself about the business requirements and conditions.

Make Bullets, Take Shot

Writing use case as the mass of theory, it won't help. First, you must prepare title to categories, bullet list for use case model & screenshot for the title.

Walk with Model

A use case modeling will create a path to capture the requirements. Use case modeling associated with the division of model. Making division of model will help to update the use case very distinctly.

Naming the Model

Writing use case model with titles to categories easily. Also, it will help to understand the relation of the use case. We recommending the title because it helps to measure the actual requirement.

Photoshoot with Model

Adding screenshot with relational use case will create better understanding. Hand drawing is welcome here! or attach some sample picture to a quick delivering.

Priority Model Display

Don't worry about setting priority. When you do ordering the use case will set the priority. Setting priority reminds you, what use case next has to be captured. Also, can experience the task impact level.

Tink with Devs, Sync with Clients

You must get an opinion from the developers about each use case model. Because developers always stand with their logic expert. You have to combine development use case too. At the same time, you put client requirement first when you combine logical use case to sync with clients.

Finally, to run the show

You're the magician to make all things get succeed the front of the audience. You must practice your tricks very well with our content.

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